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Imaginative thinking, technical know-how, and the dexterity to do both -- these are our best assets, and it's why our clients hire us to create, implement, and manage their important media-related projects.DavidWeiss


Producer, director, editor, colorist, journalist, Final Cut Studio expert and trainer, and a leading industry technology consultant; these are just a few of the many hats worn by David Roth Weiss, the creative and technical wizard behind David Weiss Productions, Inc. David's meticulous attention to detail is the hallmark of his work and a trademark of our company.

David is a veteran filmmaker with a broad range of expertise and experience in film and television, documentaries, and corporate communications. His professional credits include feature films, commercials, broadcast documentaries, network sports and promos, medical videos, and reality TV series. His award-winning documentary films have aired on National Geographic Explorer, Discovery, PBS, and the BBC.

An accomplished colorist, David's recent work includes behind-the-scenes documentaries for the major studios on films such as, the multuple Academy Award nominated, UP IN THE AIR, ClooneyInTheAir1and on many BluRay extra features, such as: BODY COUNT: The deaths of the Final Destination, and GANGSTA VISION: The making of Menace II Society. He was also the colorist on several additional documentaries, including the feature-length DVD release of BLESSINGS" The Tsoknyi Nanhchen Nuns of Tibet; SEX AND THE CINEMA, a one-hour TV special on Starz Entertainment Network; and SICK & SICKER, a one-hour documentary about the politics and the U.S. healthcare system.

In addition, David is a contrbuting editor, writer, and forum host for the CreativeCow.net, o

ne of the Internet's largest online support communities for broadcast professionals. David also contributes to Creative Cow Magazine with popular articles and reviews drawn from his industry experience.

David began his professional career on the documentary camera crew at the CBS affiliate, WNAC-TV in Boston, while studying Broadcasting & Film at the Boston University School of Public Communications. After graduating, and stints with both CBS and ABC Sports, David relocated to L.A., where he then spent several years as a sound mixer and sound designer on hundreds of TV commercials. He also served as the Technical Director of FILMEX, an annual film festival in Los Angeles, where he was responsible for more than one hundred and fifty events over the two week event.

After his acceptance as a Directing Fellow at the American Film Institute, David turned his attention to producing, directing, and later editing, which has ultimately become his specialty.


David produced, directed, and photographed the 1987 oceanographic documentary, An Incidental Kill, which received the prestigious Genesis Award from The Fund For Animals and won Best Professional Film at the International Wildlife Film Festival in Montana. An Incidental Kill was also one of the first films featured on Discovery's Shark Week. Scenes from the film can be seen on permanent display at Disney's Epcot Center, Seaworld, and Marineland.

davidshootinginc1 davidshootinginca1

David Roth Weiss shoots topside on the award-winning National Geographic documetary, AN INCIDENTAL KILL. The film's haunting underwater scenes were shot by reknowned underwater cinematographer Howard Hall.

A sealion is discovered drowned in a commercial fisherman's drift gill net. Just one of many thousands of sea creatures caught and killed using this indescriminate and and wasteful fishing technique; first broadcast around the world in the film AN INCIDENTAL KILL, by David Weiss Productions, Inc.
(photo by Bob Sloan)


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